Undergraduate Fellowships and Internships

The Johns Hopkins University Albright Institute Undergraduate Archaeological Fellowship

Funding for a Johns Hopkins University undergraduate student to participate in an Albright Institute archaeological field school as well as a one month internship at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem. Award covers full participant costs (incl. room and board) during the excavation, room and board at the Albright Institute for one month, and $2100 for airfare and stipend. Applicants must be enrolled at Johns Hopkins University and participate in the fellowship before their graduation date.

January 15 2020

Undergraduate Fellowships and Internships


The Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) and the Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF) have provided funding for up to two students to spend a 1 month internship at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem. This opportunity is only available to students already participating in an Albright sponsored excavation project (JVRP excavations at Tel Megiddo in Summer 2020). The internship will be for one month beginning at the end of the excavation. The internship will cover room and board at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem during this period and provide a modest stipend of $500.

May 17 2020