Albright Fellows Class of 2001-2002

Annual Professor:
Sharon Herbert (Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan), “Bulla Archive at Tel Kedesh”

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellows:
Fabian Udo (University of Notre Dame), “To Caesar What is Caesar’s: Tribute and Taxes in Early Roman Palestine”

Mark S. Becker (University of Colorado), “Reconstructing Prehistoric Settlement Patterning of Levantine Sites”

George A. Barton Fellow:
James G. Schryver (Cornell University), “The Late Phases and Destruction Sequence at the Promontory Palace at Caesarea”

Samuel H. Kress Fellow:
Abigail S. Limmer (University of Arizona), “Identifying Amulets in the Southern Levant, Iron Age II”

Samuel H. Kress Joint Athens/Jerusalem Fellow:
Henrietta L. Wiley (Harvard University), “Gather to my Feast: YHWH as Sacrificer in the Biblical Prophets”

Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), Fellows [formerly known as United States Information Agency (USIA) Fellows]:
Kerry L. Adams (University of Arizona), “Toward an Archaeology of Pilgrimage: An Ethnoarchaeological Investigation of Shrine Site Evolution”

Nathaniel B. Levtow (Brown University), “Polemics Against Iconic Worship Practices in the Hebrew Biblical Tradition”

Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Fellow/Program Coordinator:
Robert Mullins (Hebrew University), “Beth Shean During the Reign of the Eighteenth Dynasty”

Andrew W. Mellon Fellows:
Edward Dabrowa (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland), “The Hasmoneans – Between Orthodoxy and Hellenization”

Marta Guzowska (Warsaw University, Poland), “International Taste at Levantine Communities in the Late Bronze Age”

Mihai-Liviu Petculescu (Muzeul National de Istorie al Romaniei, Romania), “Eastern Influences on the Roman Military Equipment in the 1st – 3rd Centuries A.D.”