The Scrolls Society
The Manuscript of IQpHab, the Habakkuk Commentary, open to columns x and xi. IQpHab was one of the scrolls acquired by the Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan of St Mark’s Monastery in Jerusalem and photographed by John C. Trever in February 1948. John C. Trever was the Acting Director of the American School of Oriental Research, now the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, during the absence of Director Millar Burrows. This photograph appears on page 21 of AN ASOR MOSAIC: A Centennial History of the American Schools of Oriental Research. It is reproduced here by permission of Joe D. Seger, editor, and of ASOR.

The Scrolls Society recognizes and honors Trustees, Fellows past and present of the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research who have made a commitment to the future of the Institute and have named it as a beneficiary in their estate plans.

For aspiring academics, a fellowship at the Albright has been the launching pad to a successful academic career. An interest in the history and archaeology of the ancient Near East, or a lecture about the Dead Sea Scrolls might have inspired an amateur to visit the Holy Land or even participate in an archaeological dig. While in Jerusalem, this person might have stopped by the Albright and received an invitation from the Director for tea in the Kershaw Garden, with an opportunity to meet with Fellows and other visitors. Often this experience would mark the beginning of wonderful friendships with people from all over the world. It would also lead to a direct involvement with the Albright, in a very personal way, offering financial support, or in some cases serving as a Trustee, and becoming a member of the Albright Family.

Trustees, past Fellows and Friends who join the Scrolls Society by remembering the Albright in their Will, perpetuate their own legacy and link it to future generations of scholars at the Institute. Their bequest helps ensure support for the ongoing activities and programs of the Institute, in recognition of the important role of the Albright as a premier center of American scholarship.

Bequests can be made through gifting of cash or securities, naming the Albright as beneficiary of an insurance policy or of an IRA account, donating gifts in kind – personal libraries or other collections, deeded property and more. Gifts can be “unrestricted” and added to the general endowment, or “restricted” for a specific use that appeals to the donor.

The names of all Scrolls Society contributors will be inscribed on a plaque on display at the institute upon the receipt of the contribution.

For further information please contact the Director at or Sam Cardillo AIAR Comptroller at 215-238-1290 or