Archaeological Services

The Albright Institute has storage for archaeological materials and an archaeological lab that are available for use. Please contact us at for more details and for bookings.

Storage Containers

We offer the following kinds of storage (subject to availability):
• Whole shipping containers
• Half shipping containers
• A shelf in a shipping container
• Space for your shipping container on our lot

Please note:
• It is a requirement to leave a copy of your container key at the Albright.
• Access to shipping containers must be booked in advance during business hours. Special accommodations may be possible, but please inquire in advance.
• We reserve the right to rearrange shelving in our containers as needed, though this will be kept to a minimum. You will be contacted in advance if any adjustments need to made that will affect your storage space.
• Those responsible for archaeological material stored on our property are required to notify the IAA when bringing or removing material from the Albright property. We will comply with any IAA requests concerning material stored on our property.

Archaeology Lab

Our archaeology lab is available for bookings.

Please note:
• Only one person or group may book the lab at a time.
• Bookings include a cleaning before and after the lab is in use.
• The lab is to be locked when not in use.