W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research

AIAR Statement on the events of October 7, 2023


We welcome inquiries and proposals for internships at the Albright Institute. Past interns have specialized in archaeology, cultural heritage, lab management, communications, and administration at the Albright. Please contact us at albrightinstitute@aiar.org or speak with our director to inquire.


The library serves the needs of Albright fellows and is a primary resource for students and scholars from the other foreign institutes in Jerusalem and from the local Israeli and Palestinian academic communities. The collection contains more than 35,000 volumes, including 450 journal titles relating to all aspects of ancient Near Eastern studies, with a concentration in Levantine archaeology and Semitic languages and literature.


The history of the Albright is the history of American archaeology in the Near East. Our fascinating history is replete with turn-of-the-century adventures on horseback, wars at our front door, an assassination, monks buried in the backyard, and countless contributions and innovations.

Destination Albright

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