Meals by Hisham

Chef Hisham M’farreh has been the Head Chef at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem for more than 25 years, and Hisham’s uncle and father have been feeding intrepid explorers and researchers since the 1930s. Now available for delivery and pickup, the Albright is offering Meals by Hisham twice a week, and other culinary treats an a periodic basis.

Here's how it works:
  • We offer a set-menu dinner and dessert on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Order online by 10am the day before.
  • Pickup between 5-7pm on dinner date or opt for delivery ($10 charge).
  • Enjoy your meal brought to you by Chef Hisham and the Albright Institute!

All orders must be made through our

online store in advance.

Prices are in US Dollars and fluctuate

with the exchange rate.

Cash can not be accepted.


This is a fundraiser;

all proceeds benefit the Albright Institute.

May Vary

One of the most requested dishes for Albright events!

Maqluba is a traditional Levantine dish, and Hisham’s version consists of rice, fried vegetables, chicken (vegetarian available) with his own spice mixture. The ingredients are cooked together in a pot and turned upside down (maqluba) on to a dish for serving. The dish is served with a yoghurt topping (on the side) and garnished with fried almonds (nut-free option available).

Served with a side of Arabic Salad, consisting of chopped lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, and dressed with a lemon vinaigrette.

$19.99 per person.

Enjoy classic kubba, fried minced meat balls with local spices garnished with lemon! Each serving includes three kubba, mujadara,  hummus, and Turkish Salad. Mujadara includes rice, lentils, fried onions and local spices.  Served with a side of Arabic Salad, consisting of chopped lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, and dressed with a lemon vinaigrette. Vegetarian option served without kubba.


Order per person.

This dish has an archaeological pedigree going back to the 3rd Millennium Harrapan civilization of India! Hisham’s grilled version of the classic Punjabi dish is all about the yoghurt spice marinade featuring curry, ginger, and cinnamon.  Choose your chicken quarter: breast or leg/thigh. Today we pair it with a Yemeni mandi-style rice served with tomato-based sauce with mild spice and a leafy green salad with ingredients sourced daily.


Order per person.

This classic Middle Eastern Mixed Grill consists of shish tawook, chicken marinated with yoghurt and Hisham’s grill-spice blend, and kebab, ground lamb and beef combined with onion, garlic and local spices. Both are prepared on the shish (skewer) grilled to perfection on our custom grills in the Albright garden.

Each serving includes hummus, pita, cabbage salad, and Hisham’s FAMOUS French Fries. Hummus is made at the Albright and the fries are made from fresh potatoes, never frozen.


Order per person

Kafta is the Middle Eastern meatball – minced meat with parsley, onion, garlic, and Hisham’s special combination of spices. In Thursday’s version, the kafta is cooked in and served with a locally-spiced tomato sauce, bandora. Each portion consists of three pieces of kafta served with fried potatoes and sliced tomato cooked in the bandora sauce and a leafy vegetable salad with inspired ingredients.

Order per person.

It’s raining in Jerusalem this week, and nothing will be more comforting than Hisham’s hearty Shorbat Adas (lentil soup) with a spritz of lemon. This traditional Levantine soup is often served by Palestinian families as a winter appetizer and a favorite way to break the fast during Ramadan. Filling, healthy, and delicious!

Order per person.

This assortment of classic Palestinian mezzes is more than enough for a meal!

Each serving includes hummus, kubbeh, Arabic salad, Turkish salad, mujadara, pita, and Hisham’s French Fries. All of the salads are made fresh at the Albright and the fries are made from fresh potatoes, never frozen. Mujadara includes rice, lentils, fried onions and local spices.

$21.99 per person.

Hisham’s Lemon Pie is made fresh from Lemons from the Albright Institute’s garden!

$5.99 per slice.

Hisham’s Apple Crumble is a sought-after winter treat by Albright fellows!

$5.99 per slice.

This milk pudding may have originated in ancient Persia. Its name derives from Abu Saʿid al-Muhallab ibn Abi Sufra al-Azdi, an Arab general of the 7th Century, who took a liking to the dish during his wars with Persia. It’s still a regional favorite and often served to residents of the Albright, garnished with crushed walnuts and cinnamon..

Order per person.