The Legacy Society

The newly named Legacy Society incorporates and expands the tradition of the Scrolls Society at the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research (AIAR) in Jerusalem.  The Scrolls Society was originally named, in part, to capture the historical relationship of the Albright to the discovery, acquisition, and publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Since then, the Albright has expanded its research perspective in both time covered and disciplines included, necessitating the modification of the name.

The Legacy Society recognizes and honors Trustees, Fellows, and Friends of the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research who have made a commitment to the future of the Institute by naming it as a beneficiary in their estate plans.

Providing the Albright Institute with a bequest enables the Institute to maintain and enhance its pivotal role in helping students and scholars. For a novice or amateur with an interest in the history, literature, or archaeology of the ancient Near East, hearing a lecture or learning about the Institute might mean a visit the Holy Land or even participation in an archaeological dig. For students and aspiring academics, a fellowship at the Albright can mean the launching of a successful academic career. For an established scholar it might mean time and resources to pursue her or his research at the Institute and its library. And for all, the Institute means an opportunity to carry out research, to engage in dialogue, to share information with others in the local Israeli and Palestinian communities and to develop friendships with people from all over the world.

The AIAR has been a force for good for more than a century, beginning with its first location inside Jaffa Gate and, since 1925, in its present location on Salah ed-Din Street. All who participate in and support the Institute and its programs become part of this legacy and of the diverse and welcoming Albright family.

Trustees, past and present Fellows, and Friends who join the Legacy Society by remembering the Albright in their Planned Giving, perpetuate their own legacy and link it to future generations of students and scholars at the Institute. Their bequest helps ensure support for the ongoing activities and programs of the Institute, recognizes the important role of the Albright as a premier center of American and international scholarship, and celebrates the Institute as a meeting place for scholars and friends from nearby and far away.

Bequests can be made in many ways, such as gifting of cash or securities, naming the Albright as beneficiary of an insurance policy or of an IRA account, donating gifts in kind such as personal libraries or collections, deeding property, and more.  Gifts can be “unrestricted” and added to the general endowment, or “restricted” for a specific use that appeals to the donor. We encourage donors to consider consulting with a lawyer or estate planner in setting their bequest.   

The names of Legacy Society contributors will be inscribed on a plaque on display at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem, upon the receipt of their contribution.

For further information please contact the Director Jamie Fraser ( or the US Finance Manager (

List of those who have made a Planned Giving commitment to the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research and are members of the “Legacy Society.”​

Crawford, Sidnie White
Magness, Jodi
Meyers, Eric and Carol
Rosenstein, David
Seger, Joe
Shufro, Lydie
Waldbaum, Jane
Wright, Keeley and Ed
Anonymous (4)