Director Matthew J. Adams welcomes participants

Albright Holds First Associate Fellows’ Symposium

Dorot Director Matthew J. Adams has initiated a new program of symposia for the Associate Fellows, with the aim of fostering discourse among the Albright community.

This year’s 40 Research, Postdoctoral, and Senior Associate Fellows will participate in one of the year’s two symposia. On October 8, 2015, the Albright held the inaugural symposium. Resident Fellows were encouraged to (and all did) attend, in the end sharing their work as well, in a cordial and pleasant atmosphere.

“It was interesting to hear about the wide range of work of people affiliated with the Albright, and a nice introduction to the larger Albright community. I had already spoken with many of the Associate Fellows, though not all. Everyone has different schedules, so making time like this was great for those of us who live at the Albright to get to know everybody and their work,” said Ann Zimo, Education and Cultural Affairs Fellow currently in residence.

Indeed, perhaps the greatest benefit would be the possibility of greater collaboration, and knowing with whom one could discuss his or her work, or from whom to seek advice. The Albright’s Associate Fellows are some of the leading experts in their fields.
The second symposium is scheduled to take place in April 2016.