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Albright Institute Map Collection

DateTitleCreatorPublishedScaleExtentDimensions*Call Number
n.d.Bartholomew’s quarter-inch map of Palestine with orocraphical colouringEdinburgh Geographical InstituteEdinburgh Geographical Institute1:253,4401 sheet91.5 x 70.5 cm.23C-01-2
n.d.ארץ ישראל = PalestineZionist Information BureauJerusalem : Zionist Information Bureau1:700,0001 sheet37 x 22 cm.23C-07-1
n.d.Palestine [WestEast]  1:500,0002 sheets86 x 56.5 cm.23C-08-1,-2
n.d.Palestine, Times Atlas. Plate 52Edinburgh Geographical Institute.London : John Bartholomew and Co.1:660,0001 sheet54.5 x 41.5 cm.23C-01-1
[c.1670]Exactissima Tabula, qua tam Danubii Fluvii pars inferior, A Belgrado Urbe usq ad Ejus Ostia, et minores in eum influentes fluvii, quam regiones adjacentes, ut Transylvania, Valachia, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Bessarabia et Romonia, aliiq Ucraniæ ac Podoliæ Tractus Finitimi ostenduntur per Nicolaum Visscher [back]Visscher, NicolasAmsterdam : N. Visschergraphical scale bar: 5.6 cm. = Italian geometric miles1 sheet48.5 x 59 cm.32-80-1
[17–]A New Map of Turky in Europe and parts adjoyning shewing their principal divisons and chiefe cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c. Dedicated to His Highness William Duke of Glocester[Wells], E. graphical scale bar: 9.7 cm. = 240 English miles1 sheet36 x 48.2 cm.32-69-1
[c.1750?]Turquie d’ EuropeJanvier, S.Paris : Lattregraphical scale bar: 8.7 cm. = 190 Turkish miles1 sheet48 x 63.5 cm.32-81-1
1765, publ. 1799Egypt, called in the country Missir [originally bound and folded into Observations on the manners and customs of the Egyptians: the overflowing of the Nile and its effects, by John Antes]D’Anville, J.B.London : John Stockdalegraphical scale bar: 9.5 cm. = 80 English statute miles1 sheet66 x 40.5 cm.37-00
1794A New Map of Turkey in Europe divided into all its provinces; with the adjacent countries in Europe and Asia : drawn chiefly from the maps published by the Imperial Academy of St. PetersburgLaurie & WhittleLondon : Laurie & Whittlegraphical scale bar: 8.8 cm. = 150 British miIes1 sheet61 x 60 cm.32-79-1
1795European Dominions of the Ottomans, or Turkey in EuropeFaden, W.London : W. Fadengraphical scale bar: 11 cm. = 200 British miles1 sheet54.5 x 72.5 cm.32-79-2
[1852]Map of the River Jordan & Dead Sea and the Route of the Party under the Command of Lieut. W. F. Lynch U.S.N. – under his superintendence constructed from the joint labours of Lieut. Dale & himself by Passd. Midn. R. Aulick U.S.N.– Drawn by G. Strickland.Aulick, R.[Baltimore] : John Murphy & Co.graphical scale bar: 11.9 cm. = 10 miles1 sheet116 x 62.7 cm.23-47-1
1862, corr. 1919Carte du Liban d’après les reconnaissances de la Brigade topographique du Corps expéditionnaire de Syrie en 1860-1861, dressée au Dépôt de la Guerre par le Capitaine d’État-Major Gelis sous le ministère de S. E. le Maréchal Comte Randon [reviewed in Annales de Géographie, vol. 23-24, no.131, 1914, item 1105, p. 335–336]GelisParis : France. Depot de la Guerre1:200,0001 sheet92 x 70 cm.38-61-1
1865-1868Ordnance Survey of JerusalemWilson, Charles W.R.E.London : Lords Commissioners of her Majesty’s Treasuryscales varyBound in 3 vols. Open shelf cabinet:
46 (text),
47 (maps),
48 (photographs)
1869Ordnance Survey of the Peninsula of SinaiWilson, C. W.Southampton : Ordnance Survey Officescales varyBound in 2 vols. (of 5) Open shelf cabinet: 44 (text), 45 (maps)
1877Exkursionskarte von Jerusalem und Mittel Judäa Bern : Kümmerley und Frey1:100,0001 sheet54.5 x 46.5 cm.23-77-1
1880Map of Western PalestineConder, Claude R.London : Palestine Exploration Fund1:63,36026 sheets, bound in 1 vol.46 x 65 cm. or smallerOpen shelf cabinet [2]
1881Portion of Eastern PalestineConder[London] : Stanford’s Geographical Establishmentgraphical scale bar: 9.5 cm. = 10 miles1 sheet50 x 41 cm.22-00-14a
1884Nouvelle Carte generale des provinces asiatiques de l’Empire Ottoman (sans l’Arabie) [cover]Kiepert, HenriBerlin : Dietrich Reimer1:1,500,0001 sheet96 x 155.5 cm.32-98-1
1884Plans, elevations, sections &c. : shewing the results of the excavations at Jerusalem, 1867-70.
[The atlas to The Survey of Western Palestine: Jerusalem, 1884, by Col. Sir Charles Warren and Capt. Claude Reignier Conder.]
Warren, CharlesLondon : Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fundscales vary50 plates, bound in 1 vol. Open shelf cabinet [1]
1890Palestine : from the surveys conducted for the committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund and other sourcesArmstrong, George; rev. Wilson, C. W., Conder, C. R.Palestine Exploration Fund; London : Stanford’s Geographical Establishment3/8 inch = 1 mile, or 1:168,9602 sheets, canvas-backed, folded into case-binder196 x 126 cm.Folded maps drawer [G7503.A7]
[c.1890]Apercu general de la division administrative de provinces asiatiques de l’empire ottoman : selon le dénombrement officiel contenu dans le Sâlnâme par l’annee 1300 de l’hegire (1883-84)Kiepert, H.C. Ohmannscale not given1 sheet33 x 55 cm.32-84-1
1893Insulæ Britannicæ [XXVI. Formae orbis antiqui, by Henri Kiepert, 1894-1914]Kiepert, H.Berlin : D. Reimer1:2,500,0001 sheet57 x 43 cm.27A-93-26
1893Raised-map of Palestine : constructed from the surveys of the Palestine Exploration Fund, and other sourcesArmstrong, GeorgeLondon : Palestine Exploration Fund3/8 inch = 1 mile, or 1:168,960 [photographically reduced for printing; stated scale may be incorrect]1 sheet, folded into book57 x 30 cm.Folded maps drawer [GA1321.7.A7]
[1896?]Plan of Jerusalem in the time of Our LordDuthoit, Maud A.London : Religious Tract Societyscale not given1 sheet76.5 x 75 cm.24-96-1
1897Map of Western PalestineConder, C. R.London : Palestine Exploration Fund1:63,36026 sheets, bound in 1 vol.46 x 65 cm.Open shelf cabinet [2]
[1898?]Italien : Oro-Hydrographische Schul-Wandkarte 1:750,000Sydow, E. vanGotha : Justus Perthes1:750,0001 sheet168 x 147 cm.27-98-2-2
1898Plan der Heiligen Grabeskirche und Umgebung [Photography by Ardon Bar-Hama courtesy of George Blumenthal]Schick, C.Leipzig : Deutsche Palaestina Verein1:5321 sheet, mounted on board26 x 33.5 cm.24-98-1
[1898?]Tabulae Maximae quibus illustrantur terrae veterum in usum scholarum… [Graecia, Italia, Gallia, Imperium Romanum]Kampen, A. deGotha : Justus Perthesscales vary [Greece 1:375,000]4 sheets196 x 166.5 or smaller27-98-1 to 27-98-4
1900A map of Palestine : from the surveys conducted for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund and other sources [1234567891011121314151620212223. Photography by Ardon Bar-Hama courtesy of George Blumenthal]Armstrong, GeorgeLondon : Palestine Exploration Fund3/8 inch = 1 mile, or 1:168,96020 (of 21/23?) sheets, 2 sets, bound in 2 vols.51 x 43 cm. or smaller22-00-1 to 22-00-23
1901Italiae Pars Media [XX. Formae orbis antiqui, by Henri Kiepert, 1894-1914]Kiepert, H.Berlin : D. Reimer1:800,0001 sheet43 x 57 cm.27A-93-20
1901A new topographical, physical, and Biblical map of PalestineBartholomew, J. G., Smith, George Adam (ed.)Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark4 miles to an inchMap and index bound together in folder138 x 96 cm. fold. to 28 x 17 cm.Folded maps drawer [G7500.B3]
1904Karte der Materialien zur Topographie des Alten Jerusalem [NorthSouth]Kuemmel, AugustDeutschen Verein zur Erforschung Palaestinas1:2,5002 sheets, mounted on board102.5 x 72 cm. on sheets 54 x 72 cm. and 48.5 x 7224-04-1,-2
1906Phocis. Boeotia. Attica. Athenae. [XIV. Formae orbis antiqui, by Henri Kiepert, 1894-1914]Kiepert, H.Berlin : D. Reimer1:400,0001 sheet57 x 43 cm.27A-93-14
1907-1908[Wadi Araba] [originally issued as 1 of 3 sheets with Arabia Petraea, vol.3. Ethnologischer reisebericht, by Alois Musil] Vienna : Alfred Hölder 1 sheet (of 3)66 x 51 cm.23C-13-3
1909Alexandria 1:1,000 : Sheet 26-30. Markaz RamlehSurvey Dept., EgyptSurvey Dept., Egypt1:1,0001 sheet50 x 50 cm.37-A-VI-VI-26-30
1910Geological map of Egypt 1:1,000,000 [Photography by Ardon Bar-Hama courtesy of George Blumenthal]Survey Dept., EgyptSurvey Dept., Egypt1:1,000,0001 sheet133 x 125 cm.28-10-01
1910Syria. Mesopotamia. Assyria. Armenia Maior. [V. Formae orbis antiqui, by Henri Kiepert, 1894-1914]Kiepert, H.Berlin : D. Reimer1:2,200,0001 sheet43.5 x 55.5 cm.27A-93-5
1911Palaestina [VI. Formae orbis antiqui, by Henri Kiepert, 1894-1914]Kiepert, H.Berlin : D. Reimer1:600,0001 sheet56.5 x 43 cm.27A-93-6
1911-1913Alexandria 1:5,000 [I-II-IIII-IIII-IIIIII-IIIII-IIIIII-IVIII-VIV-IIIIV-IVIV-VIV-VIV-VV-VIV-VIIVI-VIVI-VIIKey map]Survey Dept., EgyptSurvey Dept., Egypt1:5,00017 sheets52.5 x 52.5 cm.37-A-I-I to 37-A-VI-VII
1913Gallia secondo et tertio p. Chr. n. saeculo [XXV. Formae orbis antiqui, by Henri Kiepert, 1894-1914]Kiepert, H.Berlin : D. Reimer1:2,500,0001 sheet57 x 43 cm.27A-93-25
1913מפת ארץ-ישראל (פלשתינה) ע”פי מפת קפרט
[Map of Eretz-Israel (Palestine)]
Sapir, [A.]Berlin : Zionist Executive Council (Berlin)1:200,0001 sheet191.5 x 129.5 cm.23-13-1
1913-1914Cairo 1:1,000Survey Dept., EgyptSurvey Dept. Egypt1:1,0007 sheets44.3 x 48 cm.37-C-II-V-4-37H to 37-C-I-V-1-41D
1913-1921Karte des Ostjordanlandes [A1/2A3A4A5B3B4B5C4]Schumacher, G.Leipzig : Deutschen Verein zur Erforschung Palaestinas1:63,3608 sheets59.5 x 69.5 cm. or smaller26-13-A1/2 to 26-13-C4
1914Atlas of EgyptSurvey Dept., EgyptCairo : Government Press1:50,0002 vols.54 cm.Open shelf cabinet [G2490.C3]
1915Eastern Turkey in Asia 1:250,000Maunsell, F. R.London : British War Office1:250,00016 sheets69 x 85 cm. or smallerDrawer 32A: 35-15-14 to 35-15-48
1915Sinai Peninsula 1:250,000British War OfficeBritish War Office1:250,0004 sheets46.5 x 64 cm.35-15-1 to 35-15-4
1915-1917Cairo 1:5,000Survey Dept., EgyptSurvey Dept., Egypt1:5,00022 sheets52 x 66 cm. or smaller37-C-I-V-2 to 37-C-IV-VIII-4
1915-1918Syria 1:250,000British War OfficeBritish War Office1:250,0005 sheets58 x 88 cm. or smaller35-15-5 to 35-15-9
1915-1933Europe 1:1,000,000 [NI.35 CandiaNJ.34 AthenaiNK.34 SofiyaNL.32 MilanoNL.33 Triest]British War OfficeBritish War Office1:1,000,0005 sheets46.5 x 57.5 cm. or smaller33-NI-35 to 33-NL-33
1916-1925Asia 1:1,000,000 [NG-37 Medina (1921)NG-38 Riyadh (1922)NH-36 Cairo (1918)NH-37 El Djauf (1918)NH-38 Basra (1924)NH-39 Bushire (1918)NI-36 Beirut (1918)NI-37 Esh Sham (Damascus) (1918)NI-38 Baghdad (1924)NI-39 Tehran (1916)NJ-37 Erzerum (1925)NJ-38 Tabriz (1924)NJ-39 Resht (1918)NK-36 Sinob (1916)NK-37 Batum (1918)NK-38 Tiflis (1916)NK-39 Baku (1916)]British War OfficeBritish War Office1:1,000,00017 sheets46 x 71 cm. or smaller33A-NG-37 to 33A-NK-39
[1916-1934]World 1:1,000,000 [Southern RussiaGreeceAnatolia]U.S. Army Map ServiceU.S. Army Map Service1:1,000,0003 map segments on 9 sheets46 x 100, 100 x 46, 46 x 250 on sheets 46 x 50 cm.33-L-37 to 33-KE-39
1917Africa : Sinai Peninsula [N H-36 E III RafaN H-36 E IV Beersheba]British Army Royal EngineersSurvey of Egyptgraphical scale bar: 1 cm = 1.25 km.2 sheets47 x 40.5 cm.23-17-36E III – IV
1917-1918Composite Map East of Jordan [AjlunMafrakEs SaltAmman]Survey of EgyptSurvey of Egypt1:63,3604 sheets63.5 x 47.5 cm. and 81 x 59.5 cm.21-17-12A,B, 21-17-18A,B
1917-1918Palestine Exploration Fund Map [IIIIIVVVII & VIIIIXXXIXIIXIIIXIVXVXVIXVIIXVIII c.1XVIII c.2XIXXXIXXIIXXIIIpts. of XXIII/ XXIV/ XXVXXV-XXVI. Photography by Ardon Bar-Hama courtesy of George Blumenthal]Palestine Exploration FundSurvey of Egypt1:63,360 (one inch to a statute mile)21 (of 26?) sheets46.5 x 77 cm. or smaller21-17-1 to 21-17-25/26
1918[Palestine :] Hermon  1:250,0001 sheet28 x 39 cm.20-18-00
1918Karte von Palaestina 1:25,000Reichsamt für LandesaufnahmeBerlin : Reichskartenstelle1:25,0007 sheets & 39 sheets, bound together in 1 vol.50 x 52 cm. or smallerOpen shelf cabinet [43]
1918Karte von Palaestina 1:50,000Reichsamt für LandesaufnahmeBerlin : Reichskartenstelle1:50,00050 x 52 cm. or smaller
1918-1920Africa 1:1,000,000 [ND.37 & D.38 AsmaraNI.34 Derna]British War OfficeBritish War Office1:1,000,0002 sheets46 x 82.5 cm. and 46 x 57 cm.33-ND-37/38, 33-NI-34
1919-1925Mesopotamia series : Mesopotamia; Iraq; Iraq & Persia; Persia & MesopotamiaMesopotamia Expeditionary ForceSurvey Directorate Baghdad1:126,72050 sheets46.5 x 39 cm.36-1-D/NW to 36-138-N/SE
[1920]Modern Palestine showing physical features ; Palestine in the time of our SaviorGeographical InstituteLondon : Geographical Institute1 inch = 25 miles1 sheet31 x 23.5 cm.23-02-5
[1920]SyriaHughes, W.London : Geographical Institute1 inch = 43 miles1 sheet29.5 x 22.5 cm.23-02-4
1921[Syria 1:500,000] [AlepHamaDamas]Bureau Topographique de A.F.L.Bureau Topographique de A.F.L.1:500,0003 sheets45 x 71 cm.38-21-1,-2,-3
1922-1927Jerusalem 1:2,000 [V-DV-EV-FV-GVI-DVI-EVI-FVI-GVII-DVII-EVII-G Photography by Ardon Bar-Hama courtesy of George Blumenthal; VII-F © Hebrew University in Jerusalem]Survey of PalestineSurvey of Palestine1:2,00012 sheets50 x 50 cm.Drawer 24: 25-27-5D to 25-27-7G
1923Iraq : Baghdad, Diyalah & Kirkuk Divisions [2.B Kifri2.C Baghdad]Survey of IndiaCalcutta : Survey of India Office1:253,4402 sheets46.5 x 39 cm.28-23-2B,-2C
1924Geological Map of Western PalestineBrawer, A.J.; Kaufmann, E. 1:250,0001 sheet171.5 x 75 cm.23-03-1
[between 1924 and 1930]General Map of Jerusalem 1:5,000 [Photography by Ardon Bar-Hama courtesy of George Blumenthal] [Survey of Egypt]1:5,0001 sheet92.5 x 81 cm.24-24-1
1925ארץ ישראל 1:800,000
[Eretz-Israel 1:800,000]
Brawer, [A.Y.]Vienna : Cartographic Institute1:800,0001 sheet50 x 41.5 cm.23-13-2
1926Carta Internazionale del Mondo al 1,000,000 [NK-32 FirenzeNK-33 Roma]Istituto Geografico MilitareFlorence : Istituto Geografico Militare1:1,000,0002 sheets46 x 52 cm.33-NK-32,-33
[1927?]JerusalemExcursion Map Jerusalem and Middle JudæaJerusalem Y.M.C.A.Jerusalem : Jerusalem Y.M.C.Agraphical scale bar: 13.7 cm. = 1 km.1 sheet63 x 77 cm.24-27-1
1928-1957Levant 1:50,000Service Geographique de l’ArmeeParis : France. Institut Geographique National1:50,00084 sheets59.5 x 51 cm. or smaller34-NI-36-XII-1a to 34-NJ-37-III-4c
[1929?]Carte du Monde au MillioniemeOrdnance Survey  1 sheet62 x 35.5 cm.33-00
[c.1930]Syria  graphical scale bar: 9.3 cm. = 40 km.2 (of 4?) sheets [West, East]87 x 112 cm.38-50-1,-2
[1930?]The Diagram Hand-Maps : Greece : OrographicalDickinson, B. B.The Diagram Companygraphical scale bar: 4.5 cm. = 60 English miles1 sheet27 x 27 cm.27A-20-1
1930-1934International Map of the World [Africa] 1:1,000,000 [ND-36 KhartoumNE-36 Dongola & BerberNE-37 Port SudanNF-36 Wadi HalfaNF-38 LailaNG-36 AswanNH-35 AlexandriaNH-36 Cairosection of Egypt, incl. details, from F-37 Mecca]Survey of EgyptSurvey of Egypt1:1,000,0009 sheets46 x 66 cm. or smaller33A-ND-36 to 33A-F-37
1931-1947Palestine 1:20,000Survey of PalestineJaffa : Survey of Palestine1:20,000151 sheets, bound in 2 vols.70 x 75 cm. or smallerOpen shelf cabinet [41 & 42]
1934International Map of the Roman Empire = Carte Internationale de l’Empire Romain 1:1,000,000 [Wadi HalfaAswanAlexandriaCairoEdinburghAberdeen]Ordnance Survey of Great BritainOrdnance Survey of Great Britain1:1,000,0006 sheets46.5 x 64.5 cm. or smaller27A-F-36 to 27A-O-30
1934Palestine : Administration mapSurvey of PalestineSurvey of Palestine1:250,0001 sheet97 x 55.5 cm.23A-05-1,-2
[1934-1938]Iraq Desert [Basra-KuwaitBaghdadWadi al UbaiyidhSalman-Busaiya][British] War Office[British] War Office1:500,0004 sheets62 x 52 cm. or smaller28-34
1935Survey of Cyprus [Key Map]Cyprus. Land RegistrationSouthampton : Ordnance Survey1:253,4401 sheet53.5 x 85.5 cm.26-35-1
1935Cyprus : Administration MapCyprus. Land RegistrationSouthampton : Ordnance Survey1:253,4401 sheet53.5 x 85.5 cm.26-35-2
1935Survey of Palestine 1:100,000 [SafedJaffa Tel AvivJerusalem]Lands & Surveys, PalestineLands & Surveys, Palestine1:100,0003 sheets67 x 37 cm. and 46 x 51 cm.22-35-2,-7,-8
[c.1935]Geological Map of PalestineBlake, G. S.Survey of Palestine1:250,0001 sheet, mounted on board85 x 56 cm.23-03-2
1935-1939Mediterranean Sea [Eastern Portion] [846847207421882606263226332634]British AdmiraltyBritish Admiraltyscales vary8 sheets64 x 99 cm. or smaller28-35-846 to 28-35-2634
1936[Archaeologiki Zone Athenon Apallotriotea Ektasis]=[Archaeological zone of Athens expropriated for excavation purposes]Ka[lligas?] 1:5001 sheet48 x 70 cm.27A-21-1
1936Roman Palestine  1:250,0001 sheet
[“To accompany ‘Map of Roman Palestine’ by M. Avi-Yonah, in Quarterly of the Department of Antiquities, Palestine, Vol. V, pp. 139 ff.”]
97 x 59.5 cm.23A-36
1937, corr. & add. 1944Palestine of the CrusadesSalmon, F. J.Jaffa : Survey of Palestine1:350,0001 sheet, mounted on board49 x 67.4 cm.23A-02-3
1938Bible Lands and the Cradle of Western CivilizationNational Geographic SocietyWashington, D.C. : National Geographic Magazine1:3,000,0001 sheet60 x 97 cm.27A-38-1
1938Palestine of the Old TestamentSalmon, F. J.Jaffa : Survey of Palestine1:500,0001 sheet, mounted on board31.6 x 50.6 cm.23A-02-2
1939Levant 1:500,000 : Syrie & LibanBureau Topographique des Troupes du LevantBureau Topographique des Troupes du Levant1:500,0004 (of 6) sheets73 x 52.5 cm.38-39-1,-2,-5,-6
[1939?]Rainfall map : Palestine, Transjordan, Southern Syria, Southern Lebanon; average for the period 1859-1938Ashbel, D.Jerusalem : Hebrew University Pressscale not given1 sheet, mounted on board53.9 x 78.5 cm.23A-04-1
1942Syrie et Liban : Carte TouristiqueService Geographique des F.F.L.Service Geographique des F.F.L.1:1,000,0001 sheet59 x 75 cm.38-42-1
[1942?]Mileage chart of Palestine : with other important information, by G. Frederick OwenOwen, G. FrederickKansas City, Missouri : Beacon Hill Press 1 sheet.
“This chart is designed to accompany Dr. Owen’s Third Dimension, Map of Palestine”
57 x 45 cm.23C-06-2
1944Jerusalem Outline Town Planning Scheme (Modification 1944)K., A. 1:5,0001 sheet96 x 144 cm.24-44-1
1945Carte Generale du Liban 1:200,000
Service Geographique des F.F.L.Service Geographique des F.F.L.1:200,0002 sheets44.5 x 80 cm. and 59 x 80 cm.38-45-1,-2
1945 ed.[Palestine] Motor mapSurvey of PalestineSurvey of Palestine1:500,0001 sheet53.5 x 38.5 cm.23A-06-1
1945-1950Levant 1:200,000Service Geographique F.F.L.Paris : France. Institut Geographique National1:200,00023 sheets68 x 57.5 cm. or smaller35-NI-36-VI to 35-NJ-37-XII/NJ-37-VI
1946Bible Lands and the Cradle of Western CivilizationNational Geographic SocietyWashington, D.C. : National Geographic Magazine1:4,000,0001 sheet54 x 79.5 cm.27A-38-2,-3
1946Palestine : Mean annual rainfallPalestine Meteorological Service for Anglo-American Committee of InquirySurvey of Palestine1:500,0001 sheet86 x 43 cm.23A-04-2
1946-1947Palestine 1:100,000 [HaifaSafedZikhron Ya’aqovJaffa Tel AvivYibnaJerusalemGazaHebron]British Army Royal EngineersRoyal Engineers, 512 Fd. Survey Company1:100,0008 (of 12) sheets42 x 42 cm. and 42 x 47 cm.22-46-2 to 22-46-12
1947-1950Archaeological Map of the Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan
[Arabic set: 1947-1949;
English set: AmmanKarakMa’an; 1949-1950]
Jordan. Dept. of Lands & SurveysJordan. Dept. of Lands & Surveys1:250,0003 sheets55 x 59 cm.26-02-1 to 26-02-3
1948Survey of Palestine : Jerusalem 1:10,000Survey of PalestineIsraeli Army1:10,0001 sheet51.5 x 52 cm.24-48-2
1949The Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan : AmmanJordan. Dept. of Lands & SurveysOrdnance Survey1:250,0001 sheet55.5 x 59.5 cm.26-01-01
[c.1950]PalermoIstituto Geografico MilitareIstituto Geografico Militare1:1,000,0001 sheet46 x 54 cm.33-NJ-33
1951[Israel 1:250,000][Israel.] Survey of IsraelTel Aviv : Survey of Israel1:250,0003 sheets [North, Central, South]58.5 x 66.5 cm.20-51-1 to 20-51-3
[1951?]Arabia : Clothing Requirement AreasInstitute of Geographical Exploration, HarvardCambridge : Institute of Geographical Exploration, Harvard Universitygraphical scale bar: 7.2 cm. = 200 miles1 sheet51 x 57.5 cm.28-56-1
1953The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Tourist Map)Jordan. State Tourist DepartmentJerusalem : Jordan. State Tourist Department1:750,0001 sheet59 x 43.5 cm.26-53-1
[1953?][Map of Ancient Sites of Iraq]Directorate General of Antiquities, BaghdadBaghdad : Directorate General of Antiquities, Baghdadgraphical scale bar: 7.8 cm. = 112 km.1 sheet66.5 x 58.5 cm.28-53-1
1954Map of Ancient Sites of IraqDirectorate General of Antiquities, BaghdadBaghdad : Directorate General of Antiquities, Baghdadgraphical scale bar: 11.2 cm. = 100 km.2 sheets [North, South]51.5 x 85 cm. and 45 x 85 cm.28-54-1,-2
1954Vorderasien im AltertumMeyer, G. R.Berlin : Vorderasiatisches Museumgraphical scale bar: 16.2 cm. = 500 km.1 sheet57 x 77 cm.28-54-00
1955Deir Mar Saba / Ras Fashkha[Tracing] by W. R. Farmer 1:20,0001 sheet, manuscript92 x 75 cm.24-55-18-2
1956The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan : Geological Map of Jordan (east of the Rift Valley)Jordan. Dept. of Lands & SurveysOrdnance Survey1:250,0001 sheet55.5 x 59.5 cm.26-03-03
1956Karayollari Haritasi : Highway MapTurkey. General Directorate of HighwaysGeneral Directorate of Highways, Turkey1:2,000,0001 leaf, recto & verso44 x 46 cm.32A-55-1
1956Lands of the Bible Today with Historical NotesNational Geographic SocietyWashington, D.C. : National Geographic Magazine1:2, 851,2001 sheet70 x 101 cm.27A-38-11
1956-1967Palestine 1:100,000Survey of PalestineIsrael. Survey of Israel1:100,00013 (of 16?) sheets44.3 x 56.4 cm. or smaller23B-56-1 to 23B-56-16
1957Carte Touristique du LibanAouad, Paul KhalilBeirut : Commissariat General au Tourisme1:200,0001 sheet67 x 91.5 cm.38-57-1
1957Geographic Map of the Northern Tuwayq Qadrangle, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaBramkamp, Richard A.U.S. Geological Survey, Dept. of the Interior1:500,0001 sheet97.5 x 60 cm.28-57-207B
1958Geographic Map of the Tihamat Ash Sham Quadrangle, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaBrown, Glen F.U.S. Geological Survey, Dept. of the Interior1:500,0001 sheet97.5 x 60 cm.28-57-216B
1958A Classical Map of Asia MinorCalder, W. M.Ankara : British Institute of Archaeology1:2,000,0001 sheet48 x 70.5 cm.28-58-00
1958-1960ארץ ישראל 1:100,000
[Eretz Israel 1:100,000]
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:100,0005 (of 24) sheets51.6 x 46.8 cm. or smaller23B-58-17 to 23B-58-24
1959-1961Asia. Persian Gulf London : [British] Admiralty.1:750,0002 sheets99 x 66 cm.33-59
[c.1960?]Altintop, Islahiye, Zincirli ve Sakcagozu ovalarindaki huyukleri gosterir harita  1:200,0001 sheet60 x 39 cm.32A-63-1
1962Konya VilayetiAytekin, HanefiGuzel Sanatlar Matbaasi1:200,0001 sheet168 x 130 cm.32A-62-1
1965 Julyארץ ישראל בימי הבית השני, המשנה והתלמוד
[Eretz Israel at the time of the Second Temple, Mishnah and Talmud]
Avi-Yonah, MichaelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:350,0001 sheet76 x 50.3 cm.23B-02-1
[ca.1965]Turkiye 1:2,000,000Istituto Geografico de AgostiniNovara : Istituto Geografico de Agostini S. p. A.1:2,000,0004 double-page sheets47 x 28.5 cm. and 29 x 47 cm.32A-65-22 to 32A-65-28
1967-1969ישראל 1:100,000
[Israel 1:100,000]
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:100,0002 (of 26?) sheets [Haifa, Netanya]42.4 x 42.4 cm. and 42.4 x 52.3 cm.23B-67-3,-5
1968Israel : Map of the Cease-Fire LinesSurvey of IsraelSurvey of Israel1:250,0002 sheets [North, South]86.5 x 66 cm.20-68-1,-2
[197-?]Communication Map of United Arab RepublicCairo Drafting OfficeCairo : Cairo Drafting Office1:500,0001 sheet93 x 64 cm.28-7-00
1970Atlas of Israel [2nd ed.]Israel. Survey of IsraelJerusalem : Survey of Israel; Amsterdam : ElsevierScales vary1 vol.48 cm.Open shelf cabinet [G2235.A3]
1971Survey of Cyprus Administration & Road MapCyprus. Dept. of Lands & SurveysDept. of Lands & Surveys, Cyprus1:250,0001 sheet54.5 x 88 cm.26-71-1
[1973]Atlas of Jerusalem = אטלס ירושליםHebrew University of Jerusalem. Dept. of GeographyJerusalem : Massada PressScales vary54 fold. leaves, in box54 cm.Open shelf cabinet [G2239.J4A5 vol. 1]
1973Urban geography of Jerusalem : Companion volume to the Atlas of JerusalemHebrew University of Jerusalem. Dept. of GeographyJerusalem : Massada Press 1 vol.29 cm.Open shelf cabinet [G2239.J4A5 vol. 2]
1973Carta’s Map of the Middle EastCartaJerusalem : Cartagraphical scale bar: 7.5 cm. = 1500 km.1 sheet70 x 90 cm.20-73-00
1973Historische Karte des alten ÄgyptenBerg, WilhelmVerlag Hans Richarz1:500,0002 maps on 23 and 26 leaves160 x 76.5 cm. (Teil 1), 200 x 87 (Teil 2)28-73-00
1976ישראל מפה גיאולוגית
[Israel] Geological Map
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:250,0002 sheets [North, South]86.3 x 66.4 cm.20-76-1,-2
1977-1993Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients (TAVO)Tubingen UniversityWiesbaden : Ludwig Reichert Verlagscales vary295 sheets in two parts50 x 70 cm. or smallerDrawers 3 – 9
1980שמורות טבע בישראל, 5 גליונות
[Nature reserves in Israel, 5 sheets]
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:100,0004 (of 5) sheets110.8 x 110.6 cm. or smaller20-80-2 to 20-80-5
1980Archaeology of Jerusalem : First Temple, Second Temple and Byzantine PeriodsPictorial Archive, JerusalemJerusalem : Pictorial Archive (Near Eastern History)1:3,000-1:7,0001 sheet78 x 78 cm.24-80-1
1980ישראל, מפת תיור וטיול גיליון דרומי
[Israel: Touring and hiking map, southern sheet]
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:250,0001 (of 2?) sheets86 x 66.4 cm.20-80-00
1983ישראל 1:50,000
[Israel 1:50,000]
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:50,00071 (of 100?) sheets42 x 63 cm. or smaller20-83-1-IV to 20-83-26-I
1983-1986מפת טיולים וסימון שבילים
[Israel : Excursion map with marked trails]
Dvir, UriIsrael. Survey of Israel1:50,0002 (of 20?) sheets [Upper Galilee, Eilat]101.3 x 107.6 cm. or smaller23B-83-2,-20
1985Atlas of Israel [3rd ed.]Israel. Survey of IsraelTel Aviv : Survey of Israel; New York : MacmillanScales vary1 vol.48 cm.Folded maps drawer [G2235.K3]
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:12,5001 sheet109 x 76.3 cm.24-86-1
1987שמורות טבע בישראל, 6 גליונות
[Nature reserves in Israel, 6 sheets]
Israel. Survey of IsraelIsrael. Survey of Israel1:100,0006 sheets76 x 111 cm. or smaller20-87-1 to 20-87-6
1989Holy LandNational Geographic SocietyWashington, D.C. : National Geographic Magazine1:405,5001 sheet79 x 51.5 cm.20-89-00
1991Israel-Touring MapSurvey of IsraelSurvey of Israel1:250,0001 sheet86 x 66 cm.20-91-00
1995-1997מפה טופוגרפית 1:25,000
[Israel : Topographic map]
Israel. Survey of IsraelTel Aviv : Israel. Survey of Israel1:25,0005 (of 26×4?) sheets61.5 x 81.7 cm.23B-95-12II to 23B-95-16I
1998Geological Map of IsraelIsrael. Ministry of National InfrastructuresJerusalem : Geological survey of Israel1:200,0004 sheets23 x 28.5 or smaller20-98-1 to 20-98-4
2001The Near East in the Neo-Assyrian PeriodCasco Bay Assyriological InstituteCasco Bay Assyriological Institute1:2,000,0001 sheet57 x 96.5 cm.28-01-01


Inner dimensions, i.e. the face of the map measured within the map borders.

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