Albright Resident Guide

Building Access

Please see the letter from Naual Herbawi, our hospitality manager and housekeeping coordinator, for the pedestrian gate access code, building access code, and your keys.

To request permission to park your car at the Albright or register your phone for the vehicle gate, please use this form. The number to call to open the gate is 055-297-0265, but you must register your phone to open the gate.

If you have difficulties accessing the pedestrian gate, press the button on the gate during business hours or get in touch with Naual Herbawi to open the gate. You can email her at or call/WhatsApp her at this number: 052-679-9843.

Please keep all doors and gates closed and locked.


You may access the internet using our wifi networks: Albright_2.4 or Albright_5, using the password Megiddo1. Ethernet access is available in rooms and at some library desks. Be advised that some devices may not work when connected to our ethernet ports.


At the Albright, guests on the meal plan receive half board, which includes a self-served breakfast and a full dinner prepared by our kitchen staff.

Breakfast: The residents’ kitchen is adjacent to the dining room. You will find coffee, cereal, milk, butter, eggs, jams, and pita bread available for breakfast. You may use the Chef’s kitchen to prepare breakfast, but please contact Chef Hisham for instructions on how to use the stove top to avoid problems with the pilot light.

Lunch: Residents are responsible for their own lunch, though they are welcome to dinner leftovers in the fridge in the residents’ kitchen. Residents must practice good food safety and reseal food (plastic wrap is available on the kitchen counter if the existing wrap tears). Do not leave serving utensils in the food when you are finished serving yourself. The residents’ kitchen is closed after 1 pm so the kitchen staff can prepare dinner.

Dinners: For those on the meal plan (guests with hostel rooms or apartment guests who have purchased dinners), dinners are served in on the first floor of the north wing of the building. You can access this wing using your key for the main building. It is mandatory to notify Chef Hisham Jibreen if you cannot make it to dinner. Please use the sign out sheet in the dining room or email Chef Hisham no later than noon the day of the dinner (earlier notification is welcome and appreciated, especially before dinners for major events).

 Coffee and Tea: Coffee and tea are available at all times for residents.


The library is available 24/7 for residents. The online catalogue may be accessed here, and the card catalogue is located on your right as you enter the library from the foyer. For a desk and orientation to the library please fill out this form. Any further questions may be addressed to the head librarian, Emily Johnson. For more information, see also the library webpage:

Finances and Billing

Please visit or contact our finance manager, Nadia Bandak, to pay for your room, meals for guests, merchandise or to compensate the Albright for archaeological services or field trips. You may also contact her to receive invoices or receipts. Her office is located in the main building on the left after you enter into the main door.

Reliable ATMs may be found nearby at the Mercantile Bank or at HaPoalim Bank


For any maintenance or security concerns, contact our maintenance manager, Ashraf Hanna.

Visa Procedures

Fellows from visa exempt countries (e.g. USA & Canada) can come for three months without applying in advance. Fellows staying for more than three months should apply at least two weeks before their 3-month period expires, perhaps earlier if the two-week period includes holidays. Fellows and residents can apply for an extension at the Ministry of the Interior in west Jerusalem, a short ride from the Albright on the light rail. Residents who travel outside of the country during their time at the Albright may gain additional time upon returning to Israel. Any extensions are granted at the discretion of Israeli authorities.

Please see in the link below general instructions for further information about extending tourist visas –


SIM Cards

SIM cards are available at Ben Gurion Airport, in most Jerusalem cellphone shops, and there is a GolanTelecom store available in our neighborhood at this location.


Car Rentals

Many residents use Eldan for their car rentals. Eldan vehicles are not normally insured for the West Bank, but you may inquire with them for additional coverage.

Health Insurance

Residents at the Albright are fully responsible for their health and well-being while in Israel. It is recommended that you secure health insurance coverage during your stay. Health insurance for tourists may be purchased here: