AIAR Statement on the events of October 7, 2023

At this very difficult time in the region, the Albright Institute is thankful that our fellows and staff are safe. We also feel deeply for the suffering experienced by the innocent victims of violence that began in the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks; their pain has reverberated through our community, families, and friends. The Albright unequivocally condemns all acts of terrorism and violence against innocent people and we hope for the safe release of hostages, the safety of civilians, and an end to violence and animosity between peoples.

The Albright Institute, approaching 100 years of peaceful existence in Jerusalem, has long been a central hub for a diverse community of international scholars committed to Near Eastern studies, including those from North America, from all over the world, and from the Israeli and Palestinian communities. The Albright Institute continues its commitment to being a place where academics interact in an open and respectful setting, in the collegial exchange of ideas and research.

October 14, 2023