2000-2001 Fellows & Projects

Annual Professor:

Susan Sheridan (University of Notre Dame), “Byzantine St. Stephen’s: Reconstructing Life in Antiquity from a Biocultural Perspective”

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellows:

John Kampen (Bluffton College, 4 mos.) ,“Diverse Wisdom Texts from Qumran”

Marion Holmes Katz (Mt. Holyoke College, 8 mos.), “‘Welcome, O Prophet!’: Emotion and Orthodoxy in the Development of the mawlid”

Benjamin Saidel (Harvard University), “Tribes and States in the Southern Levant”

George A. Montgomery Fellow / Program Coordinator:

Robert Mullins (Hebrew University), “Beth Shean During the Reign of the Eighteenth Dynasty”

George A. Barton Fellow:

Edward F. Maher (University of Illinois at Chicago), “Food for the Gods: The Identification of Sacrificial Faunal Assemblages in the Ancient Near East”

Samuel H. Kress Fellow

Karen Christina Britt (Indiana University, 8 mos.), “Mosaics in Early Byzantine Churches of Palestine: Innovation or Replication?”

Samuel H. Kress Joint Athens-Jerusalem Fellow:
Peter G. van Alfen (University of Texas at Austin), “The Modes and Mechanisms of Greek-Levantine Trade in the 5th and 4th Centuries BCE”

Islamic Studies Fellow:

(no appointment for the year 2000-2001)

United States Information Agency (USIA) Fellows:

Susan L. Cohen (Harvard University), “The Relationship of Middle Bronze Age IIA Canaan to Middle Kingdom Egypt”

Michael Mathias Homan (University of California, San Diego), “‘What Shall We Drink?’: A Study of Biblical Beverages”

Jonathan David Lawrence (University of Notre Dame, 5 mos.), “‘Living Water’ Investigating the Development of Jewish Ritual Bathing and Christian Baptism”

Louise Hitchcock (University of California, Los Angeles, 5 mos.), “Daedalos in the East: Exploring Interconnections in Aegean and Levantine Architecture”

Andrew W. Mellon Fellows:

Miroslav Barta (Charles University, Czech Republic), “The Interactions of Egypt, Sinai and Southern Palestine during the Late Old and the Middle Kingdoms (EB IV – MB II A)”

Mariusz Burdajewicz (National Museum in Warsaw, Poland), “The Typology of the Pottery from Khirbet Qumran (French excavations 1953-1956)”

Jozef Hudec (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia), “Scarabs and Scaraboids in Slovak Collections”

Petr Skrdla (Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic), “Comparison of Near Eastern and Moravian Early Upper Paleolithic Knapping Technologies”