2017-2018 Fellows & Projects

Seymour Gitin Distinguished Professor:

Andrea BerlinBoston University, “Beyond the Temple: Jewish Material Life from the Maccabees to the Revolt”

David GrafUniversity of Miami, “The History of the Nabataeans: Rome’s Arabian Client-Kingdom”

Frerichs Annual Professor:

Steven FineYeshiva University, “A Carrousel of Color: Polychromy in Jewish Visual Culture in Late Antiquity”

Cynthia Shafer-ElliottWilliam Jessup University, “Household Archaeology at Tell Halif”

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows:

Aaron BrodyPacific School of Religion and Graduate Theological Union, “The Material Religion of Judean Households: Contextual Analyses of Ritual Objects from Iron II Tell en-Nasbeh”

Rangar ClineUniversity of Oklahoma, “Sacred Travel in the Roman Empire and the Making of Christian Pilgrimage”

Megan NutzmanOld Dominion University, “Asclepius and Elijah: Ritual Healing in Roman and Late Antique Palestine”

Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Fellows:

Alexander P. BreyBryn Mawr College, “The Caliph’s Prey: Hunting in the Visual Cultures of the Umayyad Empire”

Andrew HenryBoston University, “Lord Have Mercy!: Liturgical Acclamations and Demonological Protection in Late Antiquity”

Ian JonesUniversity of California, San Diego, “Sugar Production and the Political Economy of the Southern Levant during the Ayyubid Period”

George A. Barton Fellow:

Michael JohnsonMcMaster University, “Reexamining the Reconstruction of 1QHodayota Digitally: A Computer-Aided Reconstruction of the Placement of Fragment 10 in Column 7”

Lydie T. Shufro Summer Research Fellow:

Noah Kaye, Indiana University, “Defining the Boundary: Public Property in Hellenistic Gezer”

Carol and Eric Meyers Doctoral Dissertation Fellow:

Daniel WallerUniversity of Groningen, “The Poetry of Magic: The Aramaic Incantation Bowls and the Late Antique Religious Imagination”

Marcia and Oded Borowski Research Fellow:

Geoffrey Ludvik, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Production and Trade of Carnelian Beads in the Southern Levant: Comparing the EB IV/MB I and the MB II”

Glassman Holland Research Fellow:

Christopher Hale, British School at Athens, Knossos, “The Late Bronze Age to Iron I Pottery from Tell es-Safi/Gath, Area A”

Noble Group Fellows:

Hualong MeiHarvard University, “Continuity and Discontinuity: Terminology and Conceptions of International Relations in the Levant in the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age”

ASOR’s William G. Dever Archaeological Fellowship for Biblical Scholar

Katherine ShanerWake Forest University

Johns Hopkins University-AIAR Undergraduate Archaeological Fellowship:

Elana Neher, Johns Hopkins University

Associate Fellows

Senior Fellows

Isam Awwad, Independent Researcher: “Capitalizing Jerusalem – Mu’wiya’s Urban Vision 638-680”

David Ben-Shlomo, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Publication of the Field III Pottery and Small Finds of Tel Miqne-Ekron; Technological Study of Iron Age II Pottery in Jerusalem and Central Hills”

Miryam Brand, Independent Researcher: “Communal Identity in the Second Temple Period: Sin, Consequences, and the ‘Other’”

Baruch Brandl, Independent Researcher: “An Analysis of Egyptian Artifacts from Tel Miqne-Ekron”; “Pre-Hellenistic Glyptic  from Tel Kedesh”; “The Scarabs from the Renewed Excavations at Tel Gezer”; “Tell el-Wawiyat Scarabs”; “The Glyptic from Iron Age I Ashkelon”

Eliot Braun, Independent Researcher: “Enhancing Knowledge of the Late Chalcolithic through Early Bronze Age Cultures of the Southern Levant through Explication and Interpretation of the Revealed Archaeological Record”

Jeffrey Chadwick, Brigham Young University: “New Discoveries in Ancient Metrics: The 54 CM Canaanite Cubit During the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Land of Israel”

Katia Cytryn-Silverman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Tiberias Excavation Project: The Ancient City Center”

Gerald Finkielsztejn, Israel Antiquities Authority: “The Amphora Stamps Imported in Hellenistic Samaria, as a Case Study of Supply as an Evidence for History”

Norma Franklin, Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa: “The Jezreel Expedition’s Renewed Excavation of Greater Jezreel”

Garth Gilmour, CMJ-Israel, University of Oxford:  “Final Report of the Palestine Exploration Fund Excavations in the City of David, Jerusalem, from 1923 to 1925”

Rafi Greenberg, Tel Aviv University, “Tel Bet Yerah in the Early Bronze Age and Early Islamic Period”

Matthew Grey, Brigham Young University: “Jewish Priests and the Social History of Post-70 Palestine”

Felix Höflmayer, Austrian Academy of Sciences“Tracing Transformations in the Southern Levant: From Collapse to Consolidation in the Mid-Second Millennium BC”

Morag M. Kersel, DePaul University: “License to Sell: The Legal Trade in Antiquities”

Ann E. Killebrew, Pennsylvania State University: “The Late Bronze – Early Iron Age Transition at Tel Miqne-Ekron”

Rona Avissar Lewis, Independent Researcher: “The Landscape of Hattin Archaeological Project”

Laura B. Mazow, East Carolina University: “Recognizing Choice and Technological Style in Bronze and Iron Age Textile Technologies: The Case of Fulling Wool”

Pierre de Miroschedji, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Maison de l’archéologie et de l’ethnologie, Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Paris: “Final Publication of the Yarmuth Excavations”

Hani Nur el-Din, Al-Quds University: “Archaeology of Samaria”

Nava Panitz-Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “From Late Bronze Age City State to Iron Age Territorial Kingdom- Tel
Abel Beth Maacah in the Hula Valley as a Test Case”

Stephen Pfann, University of the Holy Land: “Methods in Building a Model Ancient Town or Village”

Valentine Roux, Centre de Recherche Francais à Jérusalem: “Social Networks and Diffusion of Ceramic Techniques”

Yorke M. Rowan, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago: The Galilee Prehistory Project; The Tel Yaqush Publication Project; The Eastern Badia Archaeological Project, Jordan

Benjamin Saidel, East Carolina University: “The ‘Obeidat Buildings in the Western Negev: An Example of Bedouin Architecture from the British Mandate Period”

Beatrice St. Laurent, Bridgewater State University: “Mu’awiya’s Jerusalem 638-680 CE”

Hamed J. Salem, Birzeit University: “Tell et-Tell: Renewed Archaeology and Rehabilitation Project”

Issa Sarie, Al-Quds University:  “Cultural Heritage and Peasantry Summer Farm Dwellings (manateer) in Palestine”

Yuri Stoyanov, University of Belgrade; University of London: “Medieval Christian and Islamic Heterodoxies in the Levant: Syncretistic Aspects of their Archaeological and Manuscript Legacy”

Hamdan M. Taha, Independent Researcher: “A Late Byzantine-Early Islamic Tomb at et-Taybeh, Palestine”

Joe Uziel, Israel Antiquities Authority: “New Insights into Jerusalem of the Bronze and Iron Ages”

Dieter Vieweger, German Protestant Institute of Archaeology (DEI), Jerusalem & AmmanUniversity of WuppertalBiblical Archaeology Institute, Wuppertal: “Mt. Zion Excavation Project of the DEI Jerusalem”

Anna de Vincenz, Independent Researcher: “Final Report II-III of the Nesher-Ramla Quarry: Early Roman and Late Byzantine-Umayyad Ceramics from Ritual Pools, Hiding Complexes and Toms. Byzantine Ceramics from the Church; “Jaffa Publication Project: Ottoman Ceramics and Porcelain from Various Excavations in Jaffa: Tzorfim and Roslan Street, Meraguza Street, the Greek Market”

Samuel R. Wolff, Israel Antiquities Authority: “Tandy Institute of Archaeology Tel Gezer Excavations: Publication Phase”

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Margaret E. Cohen, The Jezreel Valley Regional Project: “Produce of the Fields and Trees of the Forest: The Politics of Food on the Edge of the Jezreel Valley”

Amir Golani, Israel Antiquities Authority: “Excavations at the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Site of Eshta’ol – Area G, H and J”

Aaron Greener, University of Haifa: “Stoneworking during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age of the Southern Levant – A Socio-Technical View from Tel Megiddo East”

Rafael Lewis, University of Haifa: “Continuity and Change in the Fortifications on Mount Zion, Jerusalem”

Katharina Streit, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “The Southern Levant at the Transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Age – Continuities and Discontinuities in Material Culture”; “Final Publication of: ‘Ein el-Jarba – a Wadi Rabah Site in the Jezreel Valley and Its Transregional Interactions’”

Research Fellows

Deborah R. Cassuto, Bar Ilan University: “The Fabric of Society: Textile Production in the Southern Levant”

Conn Herriott, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Ritual and Belief in the Epipalaeolithic-Neolithic Transition: Archaeology and the Behavioural Ecology of Religion”

Malka Hershkovitz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “A Corpus of Hellenistic–Roman Glyptics in Eretz-Israel”

Nadia Bladt Knudsen, Tel Aviv University: “Early Bronze Age Zoomorphic Figurines of the Levant”

Shulamit Miller, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Luxury, Prestige and Grandeur: the Mansions and Daily Life of the Social Elite of Judaea-Palestine during the 1st-6th c. C.E.”

Liat Naeh, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Local Art in the Southern Levant in Light of Middle Bronze Age Bone-Inlaid Boxes of the Geometric Family”

Ghassan Nagagreh, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Université Paris Nanterre: “Cultural Continuity in Late Bronze- Early Iron Age Palestine, Ceramic Typology and Settlement Patterns”

Claire Pfann, University of the Holy Land: “Abraham, Sarah and Hagar: An Ancient Family with Contemporary Challenges”