2014-2015 Fellows & Projects

Seymour Gitin Distinguished Professor:

Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, “Divine Kingship in Ancient Israel”

Penelope Mountjoy, British School at Athens, “Mycenaean IIIC Decorated Pottery in Cyprus and the South Levant”

Annual Professor:

Hagith Sivan, The University of Kansas, “In the Shade of Our Ancestors: Jewish Childhood in Antiquity”

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows:

Melissa Rosenzweig, University of Chicago, “The Environmental Impact of Assyrian Imperialism in Northwestern Israel”

Kate Birney, Wesleyan University, “Alexander’s Ashkelon: Ashkelon/Ascalon in the Hellenistic Period”

Ernest S. Frerichs Fellow/Program Coordinator:

Deborah R. Cassuto, Bar-Ilan University, “The Fabric of Society: Textile Production Workshops in the Southern Levant – a Case Study from Iron Age Tell es-Safi/Gath”

Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Fellows:

Laura E. Wright, Johns Hopkins University, “Continuity and Discontinuity in the LB IIB/Iron I Transition: Glyptic Technology and Iconography”

Drew Longacre, University of Birmingham, “The Dead Sea Exodus Scrolls: Physical Reconstructions”

Aaron Greener, Bar-Ilan University, “Ground Stone Tools from the Timna Valley Copper Production Sites”

Noble Group Fellows:

Dantong Guo, Northeast Normal University, “The Relationships between Egypt and Canaan in the Bronze Age”

Liang Yu, Regent College of UBC, Vancouver, Canada, “A Comparative Study of the Views of Time in the Old Testament, the Ancient Near Eastern Cultures Related with the O. T., and Ancient Chinese Culture”

Hui Liang, Zhejiang University, “Reading the Ten Commandments in China (635-1949): A Cross-cultural Reflection on Jewish Exegesis and Chinese Classical Scholarship”

Youngfeng Cao, Sabah Theological Seminary, “Desert Motif in the Hebrew Bible”

Glassman Holland Research Fellow:

Zoltan Niederreiter, Eotvos Lorand University Budapest, “Imagery of the Divine World: A Classification of Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Divine Figures”

George A. Barton Fellow:

Ron Shimelmitz, University of Haifa, “Commoditization and Fragmented Solidarity in the Late-Prehistoric Communities”

Carol and Eric Meyers Doctoral Dissertation Fellow:

Jacqueline Vayntrub, University of Chicago, “Proverbs and the Limits of Poetry”

Associate Fellows

Senior Fellows

Ibrahim Abu-Ammar, Al-Quds University, “Analyzing the Results of the Archaeological Excavations at Khirbet Beit Bassa in Bethlehem”

Marwan Abu Khalaf, Al-Quds University, “The Publication of the Khirbet Shuwaykeh Cultural Materials”

Rodney Aist, St. George’s College, Jerusalem, “From Topography to Text: The Image of Jerusalem in the writings of Adomnán and Bede”

Isam Awwad, “The Al-Haram Al-Sharif in the Early Ummayyad Period”

David Ben-Shlomo, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Tel Miqne Iron I Pottery from Field III – Small Finds from Tel Miqne-Ekron”

Miryam Brand, Independent Researcher, “Theological Shift and Political Circumstances: The Breakdown of National Identity and its Reflection in Second Temple Theology”

Eliot Braun, Independent Researcher, “The Transition from Late Chalcolithic to Early Bronze I in the Southern Levant”

Jeffrey Chadwick, Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center, “Assyrian and Judean Influences at Gath of the Philistines (Tell es-Safi) During the Iron Age IIB”

Katia Cytryn-Silverman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Multi-Cultural Tiberias”

Trude Dothan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Emerita), “Philistine Material Culture of the Iron Age I at Tel Miqne-Ekron”

Gerald Finkielsztejn, “The Imports of Amphoras as a Source for the History of Hellenistic Samaria”

Norma Franklin, University of Haifa, “The Excavation and History of Tel Jezreel”

Shimon Gibson, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, “The Building Works of Constantine the Great at Mamre, Hebron and Jerusalem”

Garth Gilmour, Oxford University, “The Palestine Exploration Fund Excavations on the Hill of Ophel, Jerusalem, directed by R.A.S. Macalister and J. Garrow Duncan, 1923-1925. Final Report”

Morag Kersel, DePaul University, “Objects of Affection? Investigating the Demand for Archaeological Objects from the Holy Land”

Laura Mazow, East Carolina University, “Weaving Together the Strands of Evidence: ‘Bathtubs’ Reconsidered”

Ianir Milevski, Israel Antiquities Authority, “Craft Specialization and Division of Labor in the Late Prehistory of the Southern Levant”

Pierre de Miroschedji, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France), “The Emergence of City-states in the Southern Levant, as Seen from Tel Yarmuth and Tell es-Sakan”

Hani Nur el-Din, Al-Quds University, “The Pre-Classical Period in the Village of Sabaste/ Samaria”

Nava Panitz-Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “The Iron Age IIA Stratigraphy and Pottery of Tel Rehov”; and “Excavations at Tel Abel Beth Maacah”

Stephen Pfann, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, “Radiocarbon Tests Applied to Manuscripts Bearing Dates: In Pursuit of a More Precise Dating Method for Carbon Based Objects and Manuscripts”

Stephen Rosenberg, Independent Researcher, “Did Samuel Write the Exodus?”

Yorke Rowan, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, “New Data on the Chalcolithic Period: Marj Rabba and the Galilee Prehistory Project”

Benjamin Saidel, East Carolina University, “Ethnoarchaeological Investigations at Nahal Be’erotayim West”

Hamed J. Salem, Birzeit University, “Tell Qila (Kiela): Archaeology and the Cultural Heritage Management Project”

Karen Stern, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, “Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Late Antiquity”

Yuri Stoyanov, University of London, “Medieval Christian and Islamic Heterodoxies in the Levant – Syncretistic Aspects of their Archaeological and Manuscript Legacy”

Hamdan Taha, Palestinian Department of Antiquities, Ramallah, “A Late Byzantine-Early Arab Tomb at St. Khader, Taybeh”

Joe Uziel, Israel Antiquities Authority, “The Tel Nagila Publication Project”

Dieter Vieweger, Deutsches Evangelisches Institut für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes, “Gadara Regional Project: Excavation of the 5000-Year History of Tall Zira‘a and Exploration of the Wadi el-‘Arab in Northern Jordan”

Anna de Vincenz, Independent Researcher, “A Comparison of Ottoman Ceramic Material from Jaffa and Jerusalem”

Samuel R. Wolff, Israel Antiquities Authority, “Renewed Excavations at Tel Gezer”

Ziony Zevit, American Jewish University, “Seeing God(s) in Temples, the Heavens, and in Model Shrines: A Problem in Ancient Metaphysics”

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Margaret E. Cohen, The Jezreel Valley Regional Project, “Some Jewelry from Middle Bronze Age Burials at Megiddo”

Amir Golani, Israel Antiquities Authority, “The Early Bronze Age Site of Ashqelon Barne’a – Publication of a Large-Scale Excavation Conducted under the auspices of the IAA”

Rona Avissar Lewis, Independent Researcher, “The Archaeology of Children”

Rafael (Rafi) Lewis, University of Haifa, “The Mamluk Siege of Montfort”

Issa Sarie, Al-Quds University, [Project Title TBD]

Research Fellows

Shlomit Bechar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Architectural features dated to the end of the MBA and the beginning of the LBA in Northern Israel”

Rachel Ben-Dov, Independent Researcher, “Tel Miqne-Ekron during the Late Bronze Age”

Baruch Brandl, Israel Antiquities Authority, “An Analysis of Egyptian Artifacts from Tel Miqne-Ekron/Pre-Hellenistic Glyptics from Tel Kedesh”

Malka Hershkovitz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “A Corpus of Hellenistic–Roman Glyptics in Eretz-Israel”

Shulamit Miller, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Luxury, Prestige and Grandeur: the Mansions and Daily Life of the Social Elite of the Roman Near East during the 1st-6th c. CE”

Ghassan Nagagreh, Independent Researcher, “Iron Age (1200-1000 B.C) Settlement Patterns in the Highlands of Palestine”

Claire Pfann, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, “Marginalization in New Testament Narratives: Issues of Gender and Ethnicity in the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles”

Ross Voss, Hebrew Union College, “The Iron II Stratigraphy of the Dan Sacred Precinct”

Yuming Wong, Independent Researcher, “A Biblical Study on the Ethnic Culture and Community Identity of the Judean Exiles in Babylonia”

Abeer Zayyad, Islamic Museum, al-Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem, “Byzantine Jerusalem”