2004-2005 Fellows & Projects

Annual Professor:

Michael Daise (College of William and Mary), “Ritual Systems in the Qumran Library”

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows:

Jack Lundbom (University of Cambridge), “Commentary on Deuteronomy”

Robert Mullins (University of California, Los Angeles), “The University Museum Excavations at Beth-Shan (1927-1931): The Middle and Late Bronze Ages”

Ernest S. Frerichs Fellow/Program Coordinator:

Benjamin Saidel (Independent Researcher), “The Sedentarization of the Bedouin in the Western Negev during the British Mandate”

George A. Barton Fellow:

Juan Manuel Tebes (Universidad de Buenos Aires), “The Socioeconomical Evolution of the Negev and Southern Jordan in the Iron Age”

Samuel H. Kress Fellow:

Jessica L. Nager (University of California, Berkeley), “Interaction between Near Eastern and Greek Styles in Phoenician Temples and its Significance for the Study of Acculturation in the Near East”

Samuel H. Kress Joint Athens/Jerusalem Fellow:

Maureen R. O’Brien (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “The Septuagint Text and Pictorial Sources of the Vienna Genesis”

Educational and Cultural Affairs Fellows:

Donald T. Ariel (Tel Aviv University), “A Numismatic Approach to the Reign of Herod the Great”

Seth N. Klayman (Duke University), “Sukkot from the Bible to the Talmud”

Robert R. Duke (University of California, Los Angeles), “Samaritan Literature at Qumran: An Assessment”

Andrew M. Smith (University of Maryland, College Park), “Nabatean and Palmyrene Identity, Community, and the Processes of State Formation in the Roman Near East”


Andrew W. Mellon Fellows:

Tibor Grüll (Saint Paul Academy, Budapest, Hungary), “A Prosopography to the Roman Civil and Military Administration during the First Jewish War”

Jolanta Mlynarczyk (Warsaw University/Polish Academy of Sciences), “Between Phoenicia and Galilee: A Study of Local and Imported Ceramics from a Hellenistic and Roman Period Site of Shaar Ha-Amakim, Israel”

Marek T. Olszewski (Warsaw University), “Survival of Pagan Mythological Themes on Mosaics from the Eastern Provinces, Following the Abolition of Pagan Cults in the 4th-7th Centuries”

Associate Fellows

Senior Fellows

Marwan Abu Khalaf (Al-Quds University), “Islamic Jerusalem”

Trude Dothan (Hebrew University [Emerita]), “Philistine Ceramic Corpus of the Iron Age I: Tel Miqne-Ekron”

Shimon Gibson (Independent Researcher), “Archaeological Perspectives on the John the Baptist Tradition”

Garth Gilmour (University of Oxford [Gezer Fellow]), “The Gezer Object Volume”

Michael Heinzelmann (German Protestant Institute of Archaeology, Jerusalem), “Schedia, Alexandria’s Harbour on the Canopic Nile”

Izabela Jaruzelska (Warsaw University, Poland [Hebrew University Visiting Scholar]), “Prophets and the Political System in the Kingdon of Israel”

Aren Maeir (Bar-Ilan University), “The Development and Transformation of Philistine Culture: The View from Iron IIA”

Jodi Magness (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill [Fulbright Fellow]), “The Publication of Pottery from the Excavations of the Roman Fort of Yotvata”

Hani Nur-el-Din (Al-Quds University), “The Early Bronze Age I Mediterranean Prototype of the ‘Arad House’”

Hamdan Taha (Palestinian Department of Antiquities), “The New Palestinian Department of Antiquities: The History of its Development, 1994-2003”

Anna de Vincenz (Independent Researcher [Miqne Fellow]), “Qualification and Statistical Analysis of the Iron II Ceramic Corpus from Tel Miqne-Ekron”

Samuel R. Wolff (Israel Antiquities Authority), “Tel Megadim, a Multi-period Site on the Carmel Coast, Israel: Final Report”

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Ibrahim Abu-Ammar (Al-Quds University), “The Art and Architecture of the Hamra Palace in Andalusian Granada”

Robert Allan (Kenyon Institute, Jerusalem), “A Corpus of Phoenician Inscriptions in Cyrpus”

Jill Baker (Brown University), “Mortuary and Funerary Customs of Middle Bronze IIB/C and Late Bronze Age Palestine”

Susan L. Cohen (Montana State University), “Excavations at Gesher: Analysis and Publication”

Mohammad Ghosheh (Al-Quds University), “The Ottoman Wall of Jerusalem”

Salah H. Houdalieh (Al-Quds University), “The Development of Middle Bronze II Material Culture in Palestine”

Stephen Pfann (University of the Holy Land), “The Use of Kinship Terminology among Second Temple Period Groups for Self-Identification and Definition of Group Boundaries”

Stephen Rosenberg (University College, London), “Architecture and Archaeology of the Tobiad Estate at Araq and al-Amir in Jordan”

Research Fellows

Jamal Bargouth, RIWAQ: Centre for Architectural Conservation, Ramallah; David Ben-Shlomo, Hebrew University; Baruch Brandl, Israel Antiquities Authority; Amir Golani, Israel Antiquities Authority; Wasfi Mohammed Kailani, Hebrew University; S. Rebecca Martin, University of California, Berkeley; Laura Mazow, University of Arizona; Ianir Milevski, Israel Antiquities Authority; Ingrid Moen,Duke University; Tim Moore, Kenyon Institute, Jerusalem; Elaine Myers, University of Toronto; Nava Panitz-Cohen, Hebrew University; Claire Pfann, University of the Holy Land; Khader Salameh, Islamic Museum, al-Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem; Hamed J. Salem, Birzeit University; Issa Sarie’, Al-Quds University/Hebrew University; Ross Voss, Ashkelon Excavation Project; Wiesiek Wieckowski, Warsaw University, Poland (Ashkelon Fellow); Alexander Zuckerman, Hebrew University