2015-2016 Fellows & Projects

Seymour Gitin Distinguished Professors:

Paul Flesher, University of Wyoming, “Mosaics and Palestinian Targums: Torah, Temple and Sacrifice in the Synagogues of Sepphoris and Beth Alpha”

Beatrice St. Laurent, Bridgewater State University, “Mu’awiya’s Jerusalem 638-680 CE”

Annual Professor:

Jennie Ebeling, University of Evansville, “New Light on Jezreel: Analysis and Publication of the 2012-2015 Seasons”

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows:

Erin Darby, University of Tennessee, “Ein Hazeva at the Crossroads: An Iron Age Fort on the Edge of Empire”

Aaron Koller, Yeshiva University, “P. Amherst 63 and Middle Aramaic”

S. Rebecca Martin, Boston University, “Final Report of Tel Dor Areas D1-D4”

Ernest S. Frerichs Fellow/Program Coordinator:

Aaron Greener, Bar-Ilan University, “Function, Typology, and Symbolism of the Ground Stone Tools from the Arabah Copper Production Sites”

Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Fellows:

Ann Zimo, University of Minnesota, “The Landscapes of the Muslims in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 13th Century”

Timothy B. Sailors, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, “Early Christian Literature Preserved in Languages of the Christian Near East”

Jeremy Pearson, University of Tennessee, “A Grudging Acceptance: Reconsidering Muslim-Jewish-Christian Relations in the Crusader

George A. Barton Fellow:

Heather Parker, Johns Hopkins University, “The Palaeography of the Alphabet Scripts of the Levant in the First Half of the First Millennium B.C.E.”

Lydie T. Shufro Summer Research Fellow:

P. Kyle McCarter, Johns Hopkins University, “Collation and Imaging of Iron Age Inscriptions”

Carol and Eric Meyers Doctoral Dissertation Fellow:

George Anthony Keddie, The University of Texas at Austin, “The Archaeology of Inequality in Herodian Judaea: Socio-Economic, Political and Cultural Transformations”

Marcia and Oded Borowski Research Fellow:

Yael Rotem, Tel Aviv University, “Tel Yaqush and the Nahal Tabor Cemetery in the Early Bronze Age I-II: The Narrative of a Village in the Central Jordan Valley at the Transition to Urban Life”

Reuben and Edith Hecht Fellow:

Shlomit Bechar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “The Transition from the Middle Bronze Age to the Late Bronze Age in Northern Israel”

Glassman Holland Research Fellow:

Alessandra Angeloni, Department of Architecture, Università degli Studi di Firenze, “Interpretation of Wall Stratigraphy for the Analysis of the Archaeological Context of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem”

Noble Group Fellows:

Haifeng Li, Southwest University, Chongqing, “The Economic Activities for the Movable Property in the Old Babylonian Period”

Xiaowen Shi, Independent Scholar, “Villages in Middle Bronze Anatolia”

Wu Xin, University of Pennsylvania, “Manuscript of a Monograph: Kyzyltepa and Life on the Frontier of the Achaemenid Empire”

Yongsheng Chen, Ocean University of China/Brown University, “A Comparative Study between Ancient Chinese Writing and Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Words’ Recording Method Perspective”

Lihong Song, Nanjing University, “Mosaics in the Synagogues of Ancient Palestine”

Shoufu Jin, Capital Normal University, “The Art of Hearing in ancient Egypt”

CAORC Andrew W. Mellon Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship (AIAR and CAARI):

Lisa Mahoney, DePaul University, “The Art of Statecraft in the Latin Kingdom”

The William G. Dever Archaeological Fellowship for Biblical Scholars:

Tom Blanton, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, “The Roles of Mercantile Exchange, Reciprocity, and Redistribution in Early Christian Assemblies”