2003-2004 Fellows & Projects

Annual Professor:

Timothy S. Laniak (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), “The Leader as Shepherd in Ancient Israel”

National Endowment for the Humanities:

Tzvi E. Abusch (Brandeis University), “The Epic of Gilgamesh: Studies, the Magical Series Maglu: Edition”

Aleksandr Leskov (University of Pennsylvania), “The Impact of Nomads in the Ancient Near East in the 7th Century B.C.”

Edward F. Maher (University of Illinois at Chicago), “The Iron Age I Faunal Remains from the Field III Excavations at Tel Miqne-Ekron”

Samuel R. Wolff (Israel Antiquities Authority), “Tell Megadim, A Multi-period Site on the Carmel Coast, Israel.”

Ernest S. Frerichs Fellow/Program Coordinator:

Benjamin Saidel (Independent Researcher), “On the Fringe of Society? Archaeological Perspectives on Pastoral Society”

George A. Barton Fellow:

Laura Mazow (University of Arizona), “Competing Material Culture: Philistine Settlement at Iron I Ekron”

Samuel H. Kress Fellow:

S. Rebecca Martin (University of California, Berkeley), “Local Tastes and Attic Imports: The Implications of Symposion Vessels at persian-Hellenistic Dor”

Samuel H. Kress Joint Athens/Jerusalem Fellow:

Nicholas Hudson (University of Minnesota), “Connecting Households to History in the Roman East”

Educational and Cultural Affairs Fellows:

Jill Baker (Brown University), “Mortuary and Funerary Customs of the Middle Bronze IIB/C and Late Bronze Age Palestine”

Scott Bucking (DePaul University), “Another Enigmatic Ostracon from Halutza: Archaeological and Papyrological Approaches to Interpretation”

Timothy Fries (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley)

Morag M. Kersel (University of Cambridge), “Buying the Past: Managing the Trade in Antiquities”

Christopher MacEvitt (Dartmoth College)

Richard J. Scheuer Fellow:

Eveline van der Steen (Groningen University, the Netherlands), “Nelson Glueck’s Survey of Eastern Palestine: Analysis of Settlement Patterns”