Albright Fellows Class of 2003-2004

Annual Professor:
Timothy S. Laniak (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), “The Leader as Shepherd in Ancient Israel”

National Endowment for the Humanities:
Tzvi E. Abusch (Brandeis University), “The Epic of Gilgamesh: Studies, the Magical Series Maglu: Edition”

Aleksandr Leskov (University of Pennsylvania), “The Impact of Nomads in the Ancient Near East in the 7th Century B.C.”

Edward F. Maher (University of Illinois at Chicago), “The Iron Age I Faunal Remains from the Field III Excavations at Tel Miqne-Ekron”

Samuel R. Wolff (Israel Antiquities Authority), “Tell Megadim, A Multi-period Site on the Carmel Coast, Israel.”

Ernest S. Frerichs Fellow/Program Coordinator:
Benjamin Saidel (Independent Researcher), “On the Fringe of Society? Archaeological Perspectives on Pastoral Society”

George A. Barton Fellow:
Laura Mazow (University of Arizona), “Competing Material Culture: Philistine Settlement at Iron I Ekron”

Samuel H. Kress Fellow:
S. Rebecca Martin (University of California, Berkeley), “Local Tastes and Attic Imports: The Implications of Symposion Vessels at persian-Hellenistic Dor”

Samuel H. Kress Joint Athens/Jerusalem Fellow:
Nicholas Hudson (University of Minnesota), “Connecting Households to History in the Roman East”

Educational and Cultural Affairs Fellows:
Jill Baker (Brown University), “Mortuary and Funerary Customs of the Middle Bronze IIB/C and Late Bronze Age Palestine”

Scott Bucking (DePaul University), “Another Enigmatic Ostracon from Halutza: Archaeological and Papyrological Approaches to Interpretation”

Timothy Fries (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley)

Morag M. Kersel (University of Cambridge), “Buying the Past: Managing the Trade in Antiquities”

Christopher MacEvitt (Dartmoth College)

Andrew W. Mellon Fellows:
Michael Bieniada (Warsaw University, Poland), “The Origin of Khabur Ware in Syria and MB IIA Pottery of Palestine. How these Two Wares are Related”

Izabela Jaruzelska (Warsaw University, Poland), “Officialdom and Social Organization in the Book of Kings”

Anna Maria Malecka (Wyszynski University, Poland), “Gems, Jewels and Jewelry of the Arab Courts”

Richard J. Scheuer Fellow:
Eveline van der Steen (Groningen University, the Netherlands), “Nelson Glueck’s Survey of Eastern Palestine: Analysis of Settlement Patterns”